Consultation on a proposal for this major rail project has been delayed and is expected mid next year (2017). This is likely to cover the impact on Wimbledon Town Centre and Weir Road.

As residents of the Haydons Road north area, we are likely to find ourselves stuck between a number of major Crossrail 2 building and plant sites, with the associated traffic, pollution and noise issues. Worth keeping an eye on what’s proposed!  Visit the Crossrail 2 website here.

A residents group called Friends of Wimbledon Town is also providing an active voice on Crossrail 2.

With recent cuts in news gathering resources at the Wimbledon Guardian, do not rely on the local press for your information on this critical local issue. It’s up to us all to keep ourselves informed. We will do our best, but please let us know if you have info you’d like to share.