No one likes the blight of dog mess on our pavements. A quick convo with local residents and we picked up the following tips for taking positive action on how to prevent dog owners from letting their hounds use the street as their loo.

TIP 1: Plant daffodil bulbs/flowers below the trees outside your house. For some reason, dogs don’t seem to like fouling spots where foliage is sprouting.

TIP 2: Remove lower level branches on trees/shrubs (below hip level). Only if they are on your own land, obviously!

TIP 3: Have a quiet word with the owner if you can face it.

TIP 3: The council suggests: If you witness anyone failing to pick up after their dog, note down as many details of the event as possible such as:

  • date and time of the incident
  • the precise location
  • description of dog and owner/walker
  • identity of the person and their address (if known).

Merton Council has a dog fouling form which you can find via this page

What about fox poo? That’s another issue altogether…we would welcome any tips on how to deal with it!