We published a post recently about lorries using residential roads as a cut-through.  We received the following comments in response from a Cromwell Road resident:

On the subject of heavy lorries using Haydon Park and Cromwell, the lorry drivers do have a problem.

They are not permitted to turn right from Gap Road into Haydons Road.  The solution to that was always to turn right from Gap into Ashcombe Rd.  However, the residents at that end of Cromwell kicked up a stink about being woken up in the night by skip lorries “bouncing” up the bridge.  So the Council put the road narrowings on the bridge.

Thus, if a lorry finds itself going north along Alexandra and/or east on Gap, then Haydon Park Road and/or Cromwell Road are their only possible route. The no right turn from Gap Road into Haydons Road  is to help traffic congestion, but we pay the price.  Haydons Road is under the control of TFL rather than Merton and is a source of grief to us all… Perhaps we need to extend the congestion charge!

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