Caxton Road
View down Caxton Road towards Garfield Park
Thanks to Caxton Road residents for this good news story, with the moral ‘don’t just moan about it – take action if you want to get something done!’
Fly tipping outside the old Post Office at the Haydons Road end of Caxton Road:
“We have a lovely street: especially looking from the top of Caxton Road down towards the park it looks lovely, and it’s been looking so well kept, we all take pride in our properties, that I felt strongly that the top of Caxton Road was being used as a dumping ground.
I have lived in Caxton Road for 17 years and we have always had a fairly tidy street
I noticed that more and more rubbish was being dumped outside the flats and the  Downeys’ (builders) offices. The last straw for me was when the workmen from the new flats who were painting outside of the old post office, dumped their paint pots in the street. They matched the colour of the recently paint job!!
I reported it via Merton council under fly tipping, and the paint pots were removed.
The next week, mattresses were just dumped in the middle of the path. I photographed the items and emailed Merton again and told them to investigate it as it was becoming a weekly occurrence. It really made my blood boil as so many parents use that pathway to get to school and people with pushchairs – me being one as I am a childminder – had to go out onto the road to continue our journey.
If you notice fly tipping, please do report it to Merton Fly Tipping it does get removed within 48 hours.”