A 7.5T truck
A 7.5T truck looks like this

We’ve posted previously about oversized lorries using our side roads:

Road layout forces lorries onto our side-streets

Cut-through traffic issues

Cromwell Road HGV traffic restriction sign
Cromwell Road traffic restriction

And we have pointed out that traffic restrictions are in place, restricting vehicles over 7.5tonnes from using Cromwell Road and Haydon Park Road.

But it has been pointed out to us that many people have no idea what a 7.5T truck looks like. Us neither, tbh. So we went and found a picture to give you (and us!) an idea.

Bear in mind too that the restriction sign also refers to GROSS ie laden weight. So even a 7.5T truck may well exceed the limit once carrying goods.

And we conclude: there are a lot of larger lorries using our roads illegally.  Although, remember that caveat: ‘Except for loading’.