No signs of life inside yet, but we can confirm that the newly refurbished vacant lot on the corner of Haydons Road and Haydon Park Road is due to open as a small Sainsbury’s supermarket. We do not know when, but the developers have applied for final approval from Merton planners to open after works were signed off by decontamination specialists.

Sainsbury's site, Haydons Road
Sainsbury’s site, Haydons Road

The site was previously, as most of us recall, a service station with underground fuel tanks.

There have been rumours that Sainsbury’s had pulled out and the site was up for rental. In fact, the retail unit has apparently been leased to the supermarket giant for 20 years, although the freehold is for sale, as confirmed to us by the agents managing the deal.

Many thanks to a Haydon Park Road resident for helping research this information.

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