Merton waste collection arrangements are changing. Thanks to one of our local followers for wanting to share the following information:

The latest issue of Merton News (68) has an article on waste collection. The plan is to move to fortnightly rubbish collection but we will retain the weekly food waste collection.  Wheelie bins will also be rolled out for recycling waste with paper and card collected one week and bottles tins and plastic the other.  At the moment we don’t know the planned date for this change but we will update the website the minute we know.
Those of us with a front garden or side return have at least got somewhere to keep all these bins and boxes, but it will be interesting to see how other householders manage. In theory, every household could need to find space to store:
  • a wheelie bin for household rubbish (once a fortnight collection)
  • a wheelie bin for paper and card (once a fortnight collection)
  • a recycling box for food waste (weekly collection)
  • a recycling box for glass and plastic (fortnightly collection)
  • a brown garden waste wheelie bin (optional: paid for service)
 It will be interesting to see whether the council offers the option of sharing wheelie bins between neighbours to cut down street clutter, for households that generate low amounts of rubbish.