This turning into Haydon Park Road from Haydons Road is the cause of some anxiety to residents, we learn. It’s a way to avoid queueing at the traffic lights if you are heading west up Gap Road. Ditto it’s the right-hand-turn exit point for cut-through for traffic from Gap Road avoiding the no right turn junction at Haydons Road/Plough Lane/Durnsford Road.

(If you live here, you’ll know what we mean!)

Haydon Park Road resident Gemma emailed us to say: “On several occasions, we’ve spoken with our neighbours about applying for some traffic calming bollards at the Haydons Road junction. I think this would prevent us being used as a cut-through on Haydon Park Road for the traffic lights.”

She wants to know whether there are any local residents who feel similarly who would like to work jointly to, for example, secure changes to the road layout.  She says: “anyone with experience/planning background etc that might want to spearhead? I’m sure we have some very talented neighbours!”

Could this be you? Or would you like to join Gemma to at least try and get some debate going/seek advice from experts/support from local councillors? Email us on and we will connect you, or post a comment below to hook up.