We are lucky in our little corner of Merton to be right by the River Wandle, where the waterside pathway is perfect for dog walking, running and off-road cycling. So we are happy to have signed up the Haydons Road North Community as a supporter of the Wandle Valley Forum, which serves as an umbrella body for a huge variety of groups supporting the conservation and maintenance of the River Wandle valley.

Of particular relevance to our neighbourhood are plans for the Wandle cycling quietway, which will bring lighting to the walkway beside the Wandle from Earlsfield to Garfield Park, a new ’causeway’-style pathway across the top of Wandle Meadows to Garfield Park, and changes to the pedestrian bridge over the river at the Garfield Park entrance.

There has already been some controversy over the plans due to the effects that lighting could have on wildlife including bats.

Wandle Trail entrance refurbishment
The revised Wandle Trail entrance at Plough Lane

Changes were made at the end of last year to widen the Plough Lane entrance to the Wandle Trail, making cycle access easier. Excavations alongside the river pathway  up to Earlsfield are also evident, as users of that route may have noticed.

We will endeavour to keep you informed of developments as they occur, but do please share your own observations, as that’s how we manage to keep our site updated with useful snippets. Visit our contact page for email details.

It would also be wonderful if any Haydons Road North community resident would like to take responsibility as our local Wandle Valley Forum liaison person. No official duties, but simply keeping an eye on correspondence and passing on information that we can share/use/act on. It would also entail letting us at HQ know if there are volunteering opportunities etc that we can highlight both here and on Twitter, or issues that require comment from local residents. Fancy it? Get in touch.