Worried about speeding traffic in our residential roads? Time to take action!

A heads-up: in the next couple of weeks, some residents from Haydon Park Road may be knocking on your door. They have got together as they are increasingly concerned about the amount and speed of traffic flying down their road – especially at peak times.

They have spoken with one of our local councillors, who is willing to take local concerns to the appropriate council meeting in April. However, for the issue to be considered a discussion point, they need signatures from residents in Haydon Park Road, Cromwell and Avondale Road indicating that traffic is of concern in this area.

It’s the first step in trying to get the issue on the agenda for transport and traffic planners. Residents then hope to start a discussion over what action would be appropriate to help reduce use of our streets as a cut-through by inappropriate vehicles, and help encourage motorists to stick to the 20mph limit.

Haydon Park Road, Avondale and Cromwell Road are the streets that are being targeted for signatures, as whatever happens on one has knock-on effects for the others.

So don’t be surprised if you hear a knock on the door in the coming weeks, and please lend your support to striving for a solution that could help us all feel safer on our residential streets, whether as a pedestrian, motorist, cyclist, parent – or all of the above.

In the meantime, thanks to those residents who have taken the time to get together and take positive action about getting something done on an issue that is of local concern.