We have published information previously on Merton Council’s plans to slap a levy on resident parking permit-holding owners of diesel vehicles. The policy has been adopted. There are various arguments for and against, but one thing is for sure: diesel and poor air quality go hand in hand.

So thank you to the Cromwell Road resident (he is a scientist) who took the time to share the following info about the impacts of diesel:

“It has been shown to have an adverse health effects on the unborn child in that they are more prone to lung problems once born.

“Perhaps the most shocking statistic is that it causes about 8% of premature deaths in Merton. This  really is a massive effect. In the Wimbledon Park Ward we have about 5,000 people, and if we assume that they do not live to old age, then very roughly 400 people will die as a result of the emission of diesel cars. Put another way, under the same assumption,  one can estimate that of the about 300 people who live in Cromwell Road, on average about 24 will die.

“While the measures proposed by Merton have some drawbacks they will undoubtedly lead to an increased understanding of the problems caused by  diesel cars and discourage the use of such cars. Of course one can, as some have done, object and point out various inconsistencies in the Merton proposal and suggest that someone does something  another day. Maybe in the next few years the Conservative government will take some sort of measures but during this time 10,000 will die every year. ”

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