A plague of ravenous caterpillars is wreaking havoc on box hedging in Haydon Park Road – and is surely set to spread.

Box bush after caterpillar attack
Under attack in our neighbourhood

We were alerted to the infestation by a resident whose neighbour had just picked off 50 of the killer critters from bushes in Haydon Park Road.  She said: “This is serious. If you don’t take action, the plants will be stripped and will die.

“I didn’t know I had them on my plants until a garden designer friend came round. She showed me a job she was about to do where she is digging up 3,000 box plants that have been eaten by the caterpillars.”

Box tree moth caterpillars are an increasing pest, despite only apparently having been in the UK since 2011. They leave a trail of destruction if not controlled.

They were named by the RHS as No 1 pest last year.

Our correspondent suggested using “Provado ultimate bug killer” against caterpillar infestation, which she says is available at Morden Hall Garden Centre.

She said also that she had been up and down Haydon Park Road and spotted caterpillar infestations on almost every box plant. Will your hedge be next?

Comment below if your plants have been affected so we can keep tabs on the spread of this blight, and share knowledge on how to control it.

Box hedge under attack
Infested: Haydon Park Road box hedge