We welcome contributions to our site. Here is a recent photo and email that arrived in our inbox at haydonsrdnorth@gmail.com

“I was going to walk on the Wandle walkway back here off Waterside Way with a friend and gosh – not only was there not one available parking space on-road, the pedestrian entrance was entirely blocked by cars parked for the day by workers in the area.

Why do WE have to pay for on road parking when all these Cappagh workers get  it for nothing? There is a tiny pay n display – that of course was Vacant!

Merton Council is favouring Cappagh, meanwhile punishing local residents. In this age of austerity, the workers should come by public transport, not add to congestion, and spoil the chance for nature lovers to visit the river.”

NOTE: Cappagh is not the only employer in Waterside Way, so parked cars may of course also belong to workers from other sites in the zone.