You may remember way back at the beginning of the year, Merton Council asked for ideas on where and how to spend CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funds brought in via planning developments.

Many of us responded, but there has been no word on where the money will be allocated. A question about it was put to councillors at a full Council meeting last month, as follows:

Q: To the Cabinet Member for Regeneration Environment and Housing
Back in December, you asked residents to submit ideas for spending of the CIL. We could do with some major environmental improvements in our area at the north end of Haydons Road. How has the council decided to spend these funds, and will we see any local benefits?
Thank you for making comments on the council’s consultation. The council has drawn together everybody’s comments and will report these back to Cabinet in September 2017 with a view to allocating funds to specific projects across the borough and ensuring resources are devolved in an equitable way between all parts of the borough.