Still awaiting the opening of the new Co-Op store on the corner of Haydons Road and Haydon Park Road, but in the meantime, why the ugly scaffolding next door?

A resident submitted a written question along those lines to full council in July. Read on.

“TO: the Cabinet Member for Regeneration Environment and Housing
What actions are the Council taking in relation to the regeneration of the parade of shops between Haydons Road station and the junction at Plough Lane (including an update on the Co-Op retail unit and next door unit, which has had unsightly
scaffolding erected outside it for nearly a year)?

Haydons Road parade does not currently feature in our current programme of shopping parade improvements. Recent parade improvement projects in Mitcham Fair Green, Morden Court Parade, Leopold Road and Colliers Wood High Street have been delivered by leveraging in external finance from various funding bids, including the Mayor of London’s Regeneration Fund and developer contributions.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds or officer capacity to undertake all the parade projects that people would like us to. We will certainly keep Haydons Road in mind if any future funding opportunities arise. The Co-Op development is still under construction and whilst scaffolding may be considered unsightly, it is essential whilst the works are completing.

The same answer word for word was posted in response to a similar question as follows:

“TO: the Cabinet Member for Regeneration Environment and Housing
What is the council doing about smartening up the parade of shops on Haydons Road North where the new Co-op is due and P&P Glass is located? I suggest investing to improve the parade of shops with things like the railings, flowers, cleaning, pavements as outside Wimbledon Park tube station.

Scaffolding Haydons Road
Spot the notice!

So we know the official line, but the remaining scaffolding is actually holding up the neighbouring building. There’s a notice attached to it stating that the scaffolding has permission to remain in place until towards the end of the year.

Maybe the new supermarket once opened will exert some pressure on the owner and authorities to get the problem sorted out?

And maybe CIL or S106 money coming from the upcoming Plough Lane development will help bring an injection of funds to our neighbourhood. Keep up the pressure, folks!