Many thanks for this Ashcombe Road update which was emailed to us by a resident:

“Having seen the details on Merton’s Major Roadworks on their website, I called them today and was told that 2 utility companies will be at the site next week but the third, electricity, has a higher priority job to be dealt with first in Southwark. Merton are pressing them to get another team to Ashcombe site but no date so far. They expect the footpath to be opened in 2/3 weeks.

They plan to make a temporary walkway, one problem is that mopeds were using the footpath before it was closed and they are trying to find a way to stop them using the new walkway!

The road will not be open until 1st December. We are not too concerned about that but the walkway is a matter of urgency! They said that was the feeling of everyone who has called them.”