Hanson Concrete runs a batching plant by the river in Wandsworth, alongside The Ship pub in Jews Row SW18 1TB.

Thanks to the resident who submitted these images to us, showing what it looks like: useful to give an idea of what Express Concrete have in mind for Waterside Way.

Concrete batching in progress in Wandsworth
Through the barbed wire: concrete batching operations at Hanson’s Wandsworth plant

It is interesting to note that the site of this functioning concrete batching plant was partly chosen because it can import aggregates for the procedure by barge, meaning vehicle movements are reduced. The Waterside Way plant beside the River Wandle would have to transport all materials in and out by road.

The Hanson site has been in operation for more than 50 years, with various alterations to the site, most recently the addition of a fourth silo in 2014. Looking at the Wandsworth Council planning information relating to this, it is interesting to note the comments submitted as part of the consultation, which are summarised as follows:

Objections regarding current operation of the site: dust and dirt emissions constantly landing on surrounding roads, nearby balconies and inside flats; vehicles are no longer being hosed down before they leave spreading concrete dust along the street; existing site is currently heavily trafficked with vehicle queuing out onto the surrounding streets of Pier Terrace and Jews Road at various times during the day causing a safety risk to users of the surrounding roads/paths; onsite activities result in noise nuisance including drivers sounding foghorns and the clearing of the metal drums of their vehicles; site currently operating during unsociable hours.

concrete batching silos
Concrete batching silos at Hanson’s plant in Wandsworth

Wandsworth planners state that the Hanson plant “applies the highest industry standards to its control of the operation of concrete batching plants”.

In its planning statement to Merton Council, Express Concrete likewise states that the plant it proposes to run in Waterside Way will consist of  “highly-controlled operations and environment”.