New figures in from air quality monitoring reflect what most of us already know: pollution is appalling on our local main roads.

Monitors located at the pedestrian crossing on Haydons Road close to the end of Cromwell Road (opposite Kohat Road) and on the corner of Plough Lane and Haydons Road (outside the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses) both showed (adjusted) readings well above the EU ‘legal’ limit (40).

Haydons Road/Cromwell Road junction (by traffic lights crossing) : 44.90

Plough Lane/Haydons Road junction (by Jehovah’s Kingdom Hall) : 55.74

We sourced the monitors from Friends of the Earth, and chose these locations because they are both beside frequently used crossing points. The Haydons Road crossing is particularly well used by parents with children en route to school and the park.

Local air is toxic: official

If the concrete batching plant plans are allowed to go ahead (the plans were withdrawn last week pending further analysis of traffic and air quality implications), up to an extra 100 HGV movements a day are likely to pass by these points. The implications for pollution in our neighbourhood are evident.

Sustainable Merton is keen for as many people as possible to respond to the council’s air quality action plan consultation: find it here

And the Mayor of London is also currently carrying out a consultation on air quality: find it here

However sceptical you are about the value of consultations, unless opinions are logged, the council and GLA may conclude that there is little public interest in this issue and use this as an excuse for failing to act.