Cromwell Road is suffering badly at the moment with cars using it as a cut through to avoid the lights at Plough Lane.  A resident in Cromwell Road contacted Cllr Howard from Wimbledon Park Ward.  Cllr Howard raised a member’s enquiry with the Council regarding the situation and below is the reply.

“Dear Cllr Howard,
Thank you for your e mail regarding traffic issues in Cromwell Road. As per our previous correspondence (last December), although we take safety very seriously and respond to safety issues through our annual local safety programme, due to insufficient funds and resource, it is not possible to address all safety concerns particularly rat running, perceived danger and excessive speed / volume of traffic which are problems in a number of residential roads throughout the borough.

Due to limited available resource and funding and the demand for action that outweigh the available funding, it is necessary to prioritise by giving first consideration to those areas with recorded personal injury accidents and areas outside schools. Engineering solutions are then considered to address accidents’ contributory factors. According to our records over the past 3 years there has not been any speed related PI accidents in Cromwell Road and given that it is already traffic calmed it would make justifying any action extremely difficult.

As you are aware, to provide some relief to local roads, we have removed all the banned movements from Plough Lane / Haydons Rd/ Durnsford Rd / Gap Road junction. With the banned movements removed, drivers are no longer compelled to use alternative routes.

With regards to speed, Cromwell Rd is relatively narrow with parking on both sides which may add to the perception of speed and safety. According to our latest speed data that were collected during 2014, average speed were recorded as:
o/s 30 Cromwell Rd – 14 mph in one direction and 13 mph in the other
o/s 90 Cromwell Rd – 12 mph in both directions

Although there may be a perception of safety and no doubt there are those who may travel at higher speed, on average the speed is not considered as excessive. However, it should be noted that enforcement of speed falls under the jurisdiction of the Police and the Council has no powers to enforce speed / dangerous driving. Speeding concerns should, therefore, be referred to the Police for their attention.

With regards to the closure of the bridge, I am advised that the bridge will be reopened second week in December 2017 and those who may be using this road because of the closure would be able to return to their normal route.

I fully appreciate concerns raised, however, it is not possible to give this road priority over other roads with recorded personal injury accidents; areas outside schools and at the expense of provisions for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.”