Many thanks to a former local resident, David Neller, who happened across our blog following a recent return trip to the area where he was born (Nelson Hospital, 1947) and lived (Cecil Road, South Wimbledon, c.1947-1950; Durnsford Road, c.1950-1964 & 1969-1971).

He wondered whether current residents would be interested in his memories and photos. The answer is a resounding, yes!

Bethel United Church, Kohat Road
Bethel United Church, Kohat Road. PHOTO: David Neller

David writes: “If this is OK with you I thought I would start with photos of the church in Kohat Road. At present I can not remember the original name of this church (perhaps one of your readers can remind me) but, despite being a convinced atheist from the age of ten, I was obliged to attend that church occasionally as a condition of my membership of the ‘Boys Brigade’ which met in Durnsford Road.

It was as I was passing Kohat Road in 1963 that I saw a film crew outside the church and I was asked if I would like to be part of the ‘crowd of onlookers’ opposite the church. Some of your members may already know which film I am talking about, but if not, it was ‘The Leather Boys‘ and featured Dudley Sutton, Rita Tushingham and Colin Campbell.

The church sequence starts at 8mins 22secs and the keen-eyed will notice that the red bus which was meant to be taking the wedding party to Battersea turned left at the bridge and on its way via South Wimbledon – rather than right to Durnsford Road or Plough Lane – and on its way to Wandsworth and Battersea!!”

Many thanks, David, for taking the time to get in touch and share these memories – we look forward to receiving and posting more in due course. Anyone who would like to get in touch with David, he has given permission for us to post his email address:

And anyone else who would like to submit their own memories and information – as ever, just get in touch.