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Useful links

MP: Stephen Hammond: https://www.stephenhammond.net

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE TEAM: We come under the Wimbledon Park team. Website here: https://www.met.police.uk/your-area/merton/wimbledon-park/
Follow them on Twitter: @MPSWimbledonPk

Useful Merton Council contacts:

ROADWORKS: Wondering whether it’s worth venturing onto Haydons Road (the answer is of course, usually, no!)? Merton Council lists scheduled roadworks on its page here so you should know where the jams are likely to be…

PLANNING APPLICATIONS: If you know the number of the planning application you want to check, the Merton Planning Explorer enables you to access all documents relating to it.

PLANNING ENFORCEMENT: Think a local developer is pushing his luck or failing to comply with what was actually approved? Get in touch with Merton’s planning enforcement team. The council is reactive rather than proactive on planning enforcement, so relies on reports from members of the public before taking action.

FLY TIPPING/RUBBISH COLLECTIONS/BINS: Report it to the council via this page; you might also want to let our local councillors know (contact info below). Overflowing bins are contractually supposed to be emptied within two hours of being reported.

We are part of the Wimbledon Park ward. Our councillors on Merton Borough Council are:

Oonagh Moulton: oonagh.moulton@merton.gov.uk

Ed Gretton: edward.gretton@merton.gov.uk

Janice Howard: janice.howard@merton.gov.uk

The Leader of Merton Council is Stephen Alambritis

The Cabinet member in charge of regeneration and environment is Martin Whelton:  martin.whelton@merton.gov.uk

The Cabinet member in charge of street cleanliness and parking is Mike Brunt: mike.brunt@merton.gov.uk



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