We note that the planning application for a concrete batching plant in Waterside Way has been withdrawn from this week’s Merton Council Planning Applications Committee (PAC) agenda. It had originally been listed with a recommendation from officers to approve the scheme.

Objections to the plans have been submitted by the headteacher and chair of governors of Garfield School, residents of streets including Garfield Road, Caxton Road, Cromwell Road, Kohat Road, Kingsley Road, Haydon Park Road and Havelock Road, the Wandle Valley Trust and the Wimbledon Park Residents Association. None of the above were formally notified of the application by Merton Council.

The WPRA points out a number of anomalies in application documents.

A phone call to the planning officer in charge of the application reveals that written/emailed opinions on the scheme can still be submitted and will be taken into consideration right up to the day of PAC when it will be considered, which is now likely to be May 25, 2017.

See the concrete batching application in full on the Merton Council website: click on ‘view related documents’ to read details of what is proposed plus read submissions (representations) that have already been logged.